Dog Writes

Jade Monster1Okay, like, my name is Jade Beyer.   I know I look like a dog, but my family lets me be a people sometimes.  They let me eat enough people food from their table to turn into one of them.  You know, like, all fat and unhealthy and some stuff.  So, since Mickey is being lazy today, he said I could write his blog for him.   It won’t be very long because it is taking forever to pick out the right keys with my nose.  And my nose is bif… I mean big enough to hit the wrong key sometimes.  So I have to edif caretully and ofren.

My family does a lot of funny stuff I can tell about.  Like how they pee.  They go in my extra drinking places.  You know, the white things with the extra funky tasting water.  Why are you not laughing about that?  Don’t you get it?  The house is full of carpets where they could pee and mark their territory with their scents.  But they would rather just pee where I drink.  I don’t get it.  And why is Mickey yelling at me that I can’t write about that?  I just did, didn’t I?

But besides that I can tell you about my Momma.  Mickey is my Momma.  Why do I say that even though Mickey is a man?  Well, when I was a wee little puppy and my family found me in the street, Mickey was the first one to pick me up and hold me.  He was the first one to feed me.  He says I must have “imprinted” on him as baby animals sometimes do.  And that’s why he’s my Momma.  I love him best.  Even when he is grumpy and mad at me.  I chew up a lot of his stuff because it smells like him and I love him so very much.

I am writing this today because Mickey is busy shaving off his face fur.  He found some old pictures of himself for yesterday’s post, and it made him wonder if he could look anything like that again.  I tried to chew the old pictures so I could love them even better, but he just got mad at me and swatted me on the ears.  He said I could show you the old pictures, and not eat them.  So here they are before the temptation gets to me;


Wasn’t he a goofy-looking kid?  I like him better with glasses.  I tasted his glasses once, but not the ones in the picture, the ones he is wearing now.  His face doesn’t look anything like the third grade pictures any more.  I would very much like to lick that little-boy face with the same tongue I use to lick my own butt, but Mickey says he’s glad I can’t because that kid was dumb enough to let a dog lick his face.  Apparently when people get older, you just can’t lick them as much.  It just makes them grumpy.


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10 responses to “Dog Writes

  1. you did an excellent job of covering today’s story

  2. OMG! I love this! A story from the dog’s perspective was brilliant, and well done. I even like the typo you left in when the dog was saying he had trouble typing with his nose (whether intentional or not), it made that sentence super believable and made it s the rest of the piece flow well.

    Thank you for making me smile this morning! And give Jade extra people food tonight because she did a great job covering your blog so that you could shave your face fur 😂🤣

    • Jade read your comment and now is nagging me to let her write more. But she experimented with tongue-typing and almost wrecked the computer with slobber. We’ll have to see about whether dog posts are acceptable or not. There are advantages to having illiterate dogs.

      • Get the old program “DragonDictate”. it learns how you speak. So it will ask her to say a sentence and then she can bark it with her usual accent. After about 20 minutes of training, she can just bark out all of her posts and you wont have to worry about slobber or squished noses LOL

      • Thanks for the suggestion. But now I may never get to write the posts myself again.

      • Make a deal with her. she can have one post a week so she can think about what she’ll write. You write the rest. Plus, it takes time to train the computer, and if you keep cheese on hand, you can side-track her so that it will take that much longer to train the program to understand her LOL

      • I know how to handle trouble making puppies with too much to say😂🤣

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