How Do You Do?

“How do you do, Mickey?”

“How do I do what?”

“I just meant to say, hello, how have you been?

“Well, I thought I was gonna die last night.”

“Is something wrong? Heart maybe?”

“No. Just an ugly premonition. I get them all of the time. And I woke up alive this morning anyway. The joke is on whichever trickster god or goddess it was that gave me the neck-prickling premonition last night.”

“Well, I, for one, am glad you didn’t have the information right. What would the world be like without you in it?”

“Well, I often think it wouldn’t make any difference if I were not here. Other people draw pictures like I do. Other people write stories. Theirs are probably better than mine.”

“Actually, I think you are one of a kind. Your artistic vision is unique and no one I know of writes stories quite like you do. Didn’t you just get another 5-star review on Snow Babies?”

“Yes, but it was just Amazon putting back one they had removed because they thought it wasn’t real.”

“Why did they do that?”

“Well, Amazon never explains anything. But I think it was because of the word complexing that the reviewer used. The way it was used made you think he was illiterate or something. But then the most recent reviewer explained the central metaphor of the quilt and made it clear that it was a story with a complex plot. Apparently they gave the complexing-guy the benefit of the doubt. Complexing is a real word. It was merely used very awkwardly.”‘

“So, you’re not dead or dying, and you are apparently a good writer, at least, according to your reviewers.”

“Actually, I’m just making a lot of nothing out of something. It’s what I always do. I am also not unhappy with my life the way it is. Even if it all ends today, I am satisfied that it was a good life, well-lived. Not everyone can say that.”

“You once had a spirograph like the one in the picture, right?”

“Yeah. In fact, you see that spiral drawing in the top diamond-box?”


“That was the hardest one to do without having your hand slip and messing the whole design up. I worked for days with many hours in them before I finally got one perfect. And after that I didn’t really care so much about doing Spirograph any more. Though I wish I still had that old thing.”

“You are going to write more stories, aren’t you?”

“Are you worried that because Snow Babies is so good, I’ll lose interest?”

“Yeah… kinda.”

“If that were gonna happen, I would’ve stopped at three published books. Number 20 starts a free promotion tomorrow.””

“So, when is the book free?”

“From Friday, June 18th until Tuesday, June 22nd.”

“Wow. Say, do you know who you’ve been talking to this whole time?”

“Hmmm…. Either the cardinal in that first picture, Cissy Moonskipper herself, or maybe me. I do talk to myself like a crazy old coot.”

“Yes, I’m very much all three. I am the self-examing side of you, your other me.”

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