The World Does Not See Me

The world does not see me. I am invisible. I could invade your planet and the world would never know it… or care.

I have told my stories, sung my songs, and raised my family in the shadows while the world was unaware.

I’ve shaped lives from other cultures, and made myself a home in the quiet places there.

My imagination has been soaring, and I create things in mid-air.

And I’ve not forgotten heartland dreams, and the good lands all so fair.

And the world just does not see me, though my eyes, they are upon it as it’s around me everywhere.


Filed under artwork, autobiography, Paffooney, poem

2 responses to “The World Does Not See Me

  1. That sounds a lot like me. I often thought I’d make a great spy because I naturally disappear into the background. Nobody notices and nobody cares.

    OTOH, nobody takes what I have to say seriously so it wouldn’t do the country any good.

    • The world does not see most people. One thing I liked about teaching… captive audience. You could force them to laugh at your jokes if you really wanted to. I am invisible again now that I can’t even substitute.

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