Front Covers

I write novels, and so, I need covers that hopefully spark interest in potential readers. After all, what is the purpose of writing a novel and putting it in the closet where no one will ever read it.

But where do you get a good cover? Not from publishers. The only cover I ever got that was publisher-made was highly misleading about the contents of my book. And it was stock art that they had o hand and simply wanted to charge me a lot of money for.

So, I figured, I do not have comic-book-art habits for no reason. Since that first go, and the other scam publisher that took advantage of me, I have done my own cover art.

So, today, let me show you my own criminally amateur cover designs for Art Day.

Here’s the one from last night;

And these next few are the more recent stuff.

So far those are unpublished covers for works in progress.

This one, about nudists and mythological teenage boys, is already published.
This is the stock cover from I-Universe Publishing. It is not worth what I paid for it. There is no girl flying a kite anywhere in the story.

This last one is not the final version I published. I got rid of the garish yellow for a grayish wood-grain. But my poor internet connection on a hot Texas summer day will not yield any more than I have already shown you.

Ah, well… At least it is already more than last Saturday.


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2 responses to “Front Covers

  1. These are great! You don’t need anyone else for covers…

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