Sci-Fi Saturday Art Day

I have done it. I have committed the reprehensible act of writing a third rewrite-book from the most terrible novel I ever wrote into a series of books that will turn your hair blue and make chickens everywhere fart rose petals. Wait! Can that actually happen? Of course it can. In science fiction, everything and anything is possible. So, I now include a whole mess of illustrations I have poured into the making of these three books.

A Nebulon space ninja with psionic powers.
A half-lizard, half-human female teenage space ninja who can use telekinesis
A space epic requires lots of aliens of different kinds.
Lots of space ships are also necessary, like this Triceratops Cruiser.
Tiki Astro is a robot trying to become a real boy.
Some stories need an anti-hero. Trav thinks he’s an auntie-hero.
Here’s what the next book in the series will probably look like.
Ged is one of the Aero Brothers.
Ham is the other Aero Brother

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