“I Don’t Believe It”

The viruses are winning. And why are they winning? Because of people who say, “I don’t believe it,” and mean it, because they are either stupid (not the majority) or because they are too afraid of the obvious consequences to admit what they know in their hearts to be true.

We are not handling the pandemic well. The disease is out of control because so many carriers of the disease feel well enough to go out and have a good time while infecting everyone around them. And testing is not occurring to identify all of these happy, restaurant-going and green-beer-swilling Typhoid Marys. They are unknowingly (and more alarmingly, uncaringly) infecting the elderly, compromised, and vulnerable people in their lives. The Governor of Oklahoma took his family out to a restaurant to celebrate their obliviousness and later tweeted about it to tell us we should do the same. Congressman Devin Nunes of California went on television to tell his true believers that they might as well go out to bars for St Patrick’s Day. He said it wasn’t crowded. He ignored the potential consequences completely. There ought to be a law.

And we won’t even talk about Happy-Talk Trump, the moron criminal president, because… What’s the use?

There is no reason to believe that quarantines will cause problems with the grocery-store supply chains. There should not be shortages. People are having fist-fights to be able to hoard toilet paper. There’s almost no meat, bottled water, or bread at Walmart. Thank you, stupid people.

The worst of it is that this stupidity is exploitable. People don’t want to admit that they have to do hard things that they don’t want to deal with, not only Coronavirus, but also climate change, wealth inequality, racism, terrorism, or even such things as the browning of the American population demographics. They let the Koch Brothers and other evil billionaires convince them that money-making exploitations of the environment (that actually only make money for the billionaires) are in their own best interests. Those exploitations will doom us all.

But I am facing the end of my life no matter what complications I do or do not have ahead of me. It has been a good life. But everybody else in the world has a right to have the same sort of good life. And that will not happen on the paths we now tread.

So, I refuse to believe it. I refuse to believe that we, the people, are stupid enough, or callous enough, or lacking empathy enough to continue down these paths. And I am, by the evidence alone, a fool to not believe it. But there it is… the reason for my title and the theme of this rant.


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4 responses to ““I Don’t Believe It”

  1. Mickey, bless their hearts. Keith

  2. The last time we confronted a crisis of this magnitude was WWII.

    I heard some idiot talking head saying that the worst-case scenario of 20% unemployment would be the worst in history. That the worst US unemployment was 10.8% back in 1980. I can understand the average Joe not studying history but this is a trained reporter on a network that prides itself on accurate news.

    This epidemic is going to wash over us like a big wave on the beach. All we can do now is hold our breath and hope we don’t get caught in an undertow. Social distancing and good hygiene are the only tools folks like us have to avoid it.

    I would be happy if I could just blame Trump. But every level of government has been caught flat-footed from the WHO down to county health agencies. Every country – except possibly S. Korea, Taiwan, and Japan – has failed miserably. China worst of all.

    They sat on this thing for a month before doing anything but gag the doctors who were reporting it. (A little heads-up to the rest of us would have been nice.) The only reason they got a handle on it at all was to put 115 million people on lockdown and tens of thousands in internment camps – AFTER it showed up on cruise ships in foreign harbors. They are still sitting on epidemic info for the rest of China.

    They just kicked out the reporters for all the major US media outlets. Wonder what they are hiding now?

    • I agree that we are going to be underwater as this virus wave crashes over us. I hope we are all able to come up again on the other side. Take care. Be well. Keep laying out facts for the less than smart ones among us.

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