The Irony of Regular Blogging

Here’s an old post that reveals most of what I have learned about being a blogger. And here’s hoping that reading it does not make you less smart than you were before you started reading.

Catch a Falling Star

20150203_132536 This is an old artwork I have never shared before.

There are many things that I have noticed about being a blogger that are the opposite of what you might expect.  Let me list a few…

  • Listing stuff makes a daily post easier.
  • I have posted something on WordPress as a blogger ever day for twenty two and a half months.  I will soon hit two years without missing a day.
  • Writing every day makes the ideas flow more easily rather than running out of ideas.  The well refills faster than I can drink its waters.
  • My most popular post is Be Naked More , which gets views practically every day, but including artistic nudes randomly in a post does not increase its views and popularity even when I put “naked” and “nude” in the tags.


  • Reproducing artwork on a blog is difficult when you draw things too big for…

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July 27, 2018 · 3:32 pm

2 responses to “The Irony of Regular Blogging

  1. i agree with the daily writing thing. it works!

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