Being Bankrupt

I am swiftly turning into a detestable human being.  I have admitted already on this blog that I have not only known nudists in my lifetime, but I have recently visited a nudist park and become one… for a few hours.   Today I am admitting to being a bankrupt individual.  I am taking steps to declare a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.


As with nudism, bankruptcy is really probably not what you think it is.  It is embarrassing and stressful to be bankrupt, at least if you are not Donald Trump and able to gleefully rob workers and creditors and investors by manipulating bankruptcy laws.  But it is not immoral.  In fact, with my Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I will end up paying back everything I owe to credit card companies and especially Bank of America whose lawsuit caused this bankruptcy.  It will just be a managed pay-off with no further interest charges, managed by a court-appointed executor over the next five years.  It will drop the bottom out of my credit rating initially, but may actually bounce it back up better than it was because my debt-to-income ratio will be dramatically improved.  I will not lose my house or my car.  I simply will have no more credit cards.  That can’t be all bad, can it?


So, filing for a bankruptcy of this type has done a good job of teaching me where I fit in modern society and how the idea that you need to pay back what you owe to those you owe it to applies more to me than it does to rich folks.  I will let you in on a big secret.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, even remotely defined as rich.  I haven’t really been poor before now, either.  But I am sinking into that swamp quickly, and the crocodiles smell blood in the water.  It is expensive to become poor.  You have to pay a lawyer to help you get rid of all your money.  You have to plead with them to allow you to continue to buy food and, with luck, necessary medication.  But as long as you continue to hemorrhage money into their money-sucking vampire fangs of profit-making, the rich ones who own everything and control everything and make all the laws will allow you to continue to live… unless it becomes more profitable for them in the short term to let you die.


Now that I have driven over the bankruptcy cliff, I will probably try to enjoy the view and the exhilarating rush of air on the way down.  Maybe I will do it naked.  I could go back to the nudist park for the Labor Day weekend.  I would save on clothing budgets.  And when I get to the bottom of the cliff, there is a possibility that I will bounce back up.  After all, if I don’t the bankers and the lawyers won’t be able to get any more of my money.



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8 responses to “Being Bankrupt

  1. Kat Kantor

    I know bankruptcy is not fun, but that nudist park does. Done both too.

  2. poetrybyliviniarendall

    I know that you must be going so much horror right now… but try to see this event as a new start, a new world of being forced to do different things and meet different people. A moment where you can start a new career? A new world to live in? Even a change in how can realise that actually, you can do so much in a day with little money. Bless you. livi

    • Thanks for the positive thoughts. I was rather enjoying being negative and sulking about it, but I do realize that life goes on and I will bounce back. I do have a lawyer guiding me and telling me how to come back from this. An expensive lawyer, but at least he’s on my side.

      • poetrybyliviniarendall

        Just wanted to help. I was made redundant three years ago and it made me re-change my career. The change forced me to do something about my career aim, since then its been so great. I have also changed as a person, and now do things as opposed to just talking about it. I truly hope it works out for you. Livi

  3. My other half does bks – but no we’re not in TX so he couldn’t help you. So many people have done this since 2008, at one point it was one of the major cash flows in his business. Thus it has somewhat lost the stigma since then, because so many people could no longer keep up. He has seen people who have struggled and really do need relief (seems like you are in that category) and those who willfully, enjoyably rack up debts and declare bankruptcy in order to get rid of them regularly every 8 years. I am glad you have a lawyer to guide you, and that he will make sure your medical needs are provisioned for before paying the other debtors.

    • Medical bills were the biggest factor in my debt problem. The lawyer was defending me from a Bank of America lawsuit when they refused to help me reduce my debt, and I would have settled but the settlement left me no funds to take care of my diabetes.

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