When You Need a Little Sunshine


I am working hard on the yard and the pool to get the city off my back about missing repair deadlines that they didn’t actually set before.  I paid their stinking 500 dollar ticket for having water in the pool while away on vacation.  I am in a race to save the pool and not have the city send in a contractor to remove it at my expense since I can’t even afford to go on insulin for diabetes.  I should be upset.  I am probably going to lose this race.

But I am happily working on the pool when I can in the buff.  Let ’em come and check on me and be shocked.  I can still whistle Disney songs and think writer thoughts while I work.  I am not insane.  Merely coping.  Three days to make the pool hold water.  And it could rain all three of those days.  Oh, well.  I am wearing my drip-dry work clothes.



Filed under angry rant, feeling sorry for myself

2 responses to “When You Need a Little Sunshine

  1. Sorry, it gets crazier, doesn’t it!

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