Mickey Sings More Blues

Blue Dawn

I paid the city more than 500 dollars in fines this morning for my pool having water in it during my two week vacation.  What can I say?  I’m guilty.  I drained the pool again before we left, but it rained while we were away.

That’s nothing compared to the penalties they will impose if I don’t have the pool running and up to code by Monday.  They will choose a contractor to come in and remove the pool at my expense.  More than eight thousand dollars.  My finances are not yet recovered from five week-long hospital stays my family needed between 2011 and 2014.  I am looking at losing the house to the bank after living in it since 2005.  And the pool had unrepaired cracks in it when we bought it.  You live and learn.  Hard lessons are probably good for the soul, but more than a little too painful.

So I am trying desperately to plug pool cracks and get the pool running again.  I did it successfully once before.  But the deadline is upon me.

I guess city governments simply can’t allow criminals like me to live in their city.  They are working hard against me.  After all, I am a former school teacher, a writer, a blogger, and a goofball.  That’s only a step away from being a terrorist, right?  Oh, yeah, and there is more rain in the forecast before my deadline occurs.  It has rained three times since the case against me was filed.  I really need a break.  But God seems to want to break the wrong thing.  Fun times ahead.

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