When Visiting the City of Towers

This is a make-up post, written while the WIFI was down.

When we are in the vertical city called Sharn, the City of Towers, we usually choose to stay in the Broken Anvil Inn.  I strongly recommend that when you are bone-tired of slaying Hobgoblins from Dharguun or tired of running from undead agents of Karn, you stop in for a while at the Broken Anvil.  Come for the beer and the bardsong, stay because it makes a lovely base for life-and-death questing in the deadly dangerous D & D world of Eberron.

anvil 1

The inn can be found in that borough of Sharn called Tavis Landing, located in the middle districts of the towers on the Western edge of the  city of towers.  It sits in a corner-tower to the intersection of the Old Tower Corner Skyway, and Tenforn Tower Skyway.  It is not hard to find, but from the base of the Tavis Landing Towers, it is about half a mile straight up.  So be sure you have your featherfall amulets and boots of levitation.


Geezil ir’Tenforn is the owner and operator there.  He is a man full of stories of quests, adventures, and harrowing escapes.  He claims to have been a powerful fighter and knight in his adventures, but there are those who would say he was more likely the group’s rogue and thief.  After all, the money for this tavern and thriving business came from somewhere.

Geezil is famous for his Khorvairian Alchemist’s Ale, a drink that not only heals your wounds faster, but also makes you very, very drunk.



The other thing he is famous for is the entertainment.  On stage nearly every night is the lovely Princess Anduriel, a mermaid bard with a magic harp and a mysterious past.  Of course, she usually comes to the tavern with a fins-to-feet spell already cast upon herself.  But being a mermaid, she often forgets that with feet, you also should really wear a skirt of pants in polite society.  It is possible that this is at least partially the reason her singing is so popular.

The cups and pitcher from the broken anvil, though, are said to be dangerously enchanted.  Nooz Quaffer, the pitcher is alive and aware and can speak to you.   But he knows more about everyone than anyone wants him to.  He hears everything his intelligent ear-n-eye cups hear or see written down.  It is believed that he may actually be a secret agent working for the Aundairian secret service, the Royal Eyes of Aundair.

anvil 2

anvil 4

The second most popular bard to frequent the Broken Anvil is the lovely gnome bard, Vanira.   Vanira is a charmer.  And when you convince her to go a-questing with your stalwart band of adventurers, you soon find that she is one of the best bards at charming monsters you have ever seen.  She is also famous for her special Blink song.  Singing it can make her seem to move instantly from one spot to another up to ten feet away instantly.  Is it illusion?  Or is it teleportation?  Only Vanira knows for sure.

anvil 3



And, of course, you don’t want to run afoul of the Inn’s bouncer.  Mandrick is a half-ogre known for wielding a sword that weighs almost a thousand pounds.  He has been known to go adventuring with questing parties, though you can’t rely on him to do the thinking.   And you can’t let him see you being mean to a kitten or a puppy.  He has killed men, orcs, and goblins for doing that.

We truly recommend the Broken Anvil Inn as a place to begin your adventures, especially in Sharn.  And you can take our word for it.  As a troop of intrepid adventurers we have seen a little bit of everything the world of Eberron has to offer… except, well… we have yet to see an elephant fly.  Maybe by next week for that.

This was a make-up post written for Saturday, July 1st.











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