Issues I Really Didn’t Need

An ill wind has been blowing my way of late.

Not only is the household under threat  from city inspectors intent on taking away as much of the little money I still have as possible over the issue of the non-working swimming pool, a plethora of other things is continuing to happen to push me towards the dark side of the force.

Not only have I not made reservations at the local nudist camp in Alvord, Texas… I have not even purchased a tent yet.  Whether they will pay me for blogging or not depends on accepting my work to begin with.  And reviewing the camp will cost me more in usage fees and equipment purchases than I will make on the blog by far.   Especially if they decide they don’t like my stuff enough to pay me for it.  That is a ridiculous thing to do for no monetary return.  So, what’s the worst that could happen if I simply refuse to go through with it?  I signed up as a nudist with the AANR (Arbitrary Association of Nudist Ridiculousness?  I forget what the acronym really means) for nothing, then.  So maybe you need not worry about me and my awful pink-spotted  corpus ridiculousum going nude anywhere public any longer. I can breathe a sigh of relief too.

And my internet is out.  Saturday morning, before my blog was finished, the internet went offline.  And yesterday afternoon the technicians did not find anything wrong with the lines outside the house.  So the repair appointment got scheduled for 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.  That’s right, on the 4th of July holiday.  Lucky me.  Even luckier them, meaning the technicians who have to work that day and crawl through my attic rat-land to get to the problem.


So you may have noticed, I haven’t kept up my posting streak on WordPress this weekend.  This post won’t appear until after the 4th at least.  Bummer.  It means my streak ends at precisely two years and seven months of posting every single day.   880 days of writing a post every day.

Of course, I have still maintained my practice of writing something every single day.  And I have written at least 500 words each of those days I have been offline.  Once you really start being a writer, it is like being a diabetic, you can never stop being one again.  Not only have I written these late-posted blog posts, but I have been working on publishing Magical Miss Morgan and writing the second draft of The Baby Werewolf at the same time.

So, I have a number of issues pressing me to come to angriness and the power of the dark side.  Can you believe me as Darth Mickey?  What terrible power I will wield!  Wait… what terrible power will I wield?  Can you use humor-writing for evil?  Other than becoming a nudist for the sake of writing humor, I mean?  And of course, my fallen-Jedi masters tell me that the dark side shouldn’t be considered “evil”.  Though Republicans say giving tax cuts to billionaires will make us all better off, so there’s that line of logic gone down the toilet.



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3 responses to “Issues I Really Didn’t Need

  1. I like your artwork and dry wit!

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