Nicknames, Insults, and Epithets

He won by hanging nicknames like millstones around the necks of his opponents.


He called this fellow “Lyin’ Ted”.


And he berated her as “Crooked Hillary”

Insults, nicknames, and politics seem to work better together than anything else when you are trying to win over the fat, lazy white folks with too much money who gather at the Cracker Barrel in Lewisville, Texas to decide who will be President of the U. S.  After all, they are the only ones whose voice still counts in politics.  Voter I.D. laws, gerrymandering of voting districts, and vilification of Muslims has pretty much seen to that.

But I have always felt that insulting your opponent in a debate was not only uncivil, but actually cheating.  I would much prefer to see ideas and policies and political positions be ridiculed.  Still, that is not the way the world works now that the semi-stupid people have taken control.  Vicious and personal is the preferred way of the modern day.


It was certainly awkward, stupid, and bad the way a certain Texas Grandpa Munster look-alike exploited his own children during his GOP nomination campaign.  But that paled in comparison with how the Great Orange Face accused his father of killing J.F.K. and called his wife ugly in comparison to the plastic Barbie doll that Pumpkinhead currently keeps on leash number three for himself.  Grampy Munster was right, when he said family should be off limits.

If you must vilify the un-TrusTED One, and we certainly must,  it should be for the selfish, stupid policies and agendas that he would enact if he wins the golden ticket.


And how do we know what he would do if the “Ultimate Power of Castle Grayskull” actually became his?  Well, he did spend a lot of time telling us what he would do.  His message was not all Green Eggs and Ham.  Though there was a lot of leftover ham even after the Dr. Seuss Filibuster.

So what is the proper way to talk about the Orangutan King we made the mistake of electing?

He has gone to considerable effort to place doubt in everyone’s mind about the truth in every reported story from the media.


Although, he seems to really like Fox News.


He has hammered it into the brains of his true believers that anything CNN says about the Russian hacking scandal is absolutely “WRONG!”  Though I am inclined to believe that everything that comes out of his mouth truly means that the opposite of what he says is true.3-1

And I think we all have to work a little harder to deny him control over what is defined as “True” and what he can be allowed to call “Fake.”

So, even though I realize I have a certain talent for insulting others myself, and have used it generously here, I do not think insults are the right way to go.  You should talk about the ideas and the prejudices, and how those things lead to evil befalling us.  Insults are a waste of time.  But did you notice?  While composing this piece, the cartoonists whose work I am sharing with you may have labeled them with names, I never once  in my own writing named any of the ones I was insulting by name.


And I’ll bet you knew who I meant anyway.

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