My Plans for the Post-Apocalypse


The Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012.  But they apparently didn’t realize that the Cubs would win the World Series and Donald Trump would be elected U.S. President in 2016.    The world as I knew it ended on November 8th.  So now that the four horsemen are riding and the world is coming to a close, I have to plan what it is I will do with my remaining days.

I do so love to draw pictures and tell stories.  I plan to be doing that when the Grim Reaper rides in on his pale pink horse.  (I do realize that the Bible only says it is a pale horse, but Death has a sense of humor, or Trump wouldn’t be president for the End of Days.)


I know old Lucifer isn’t really red, but let’s just call him “Lucy”, shall we?

I am writing a novel about a war between good and evil, a surrealist fantasy novel called Recipes for Gingerbread Children.  It is a novel about an old German Grandma (Like Great Aunt Selma, for those in my family that remember her).  It has Nazis, and evil fairies, and teenage nudists, and magical gingerbread cookies in it.

It isn’t a true story, but the characters in it are based on real people, and like all surrealism, it is presented as true even though it truly cannot be.

Oh, and there’s a werewolf in it.  And if I finish it, I will start another called The Baby Werewolf that shares many of the same characters and reveals a parallel story line that takes place simultaneously.


Torrie and Macey Brownfield.

I like the word “simultaneously”.  It is a very good word.  When I say it out loud, it sounds really snappy and makes me sound way smarter than I actually am.   And I like the idea of stories that tell the same things over again, but from a different perspective or a different point of view.    I am fascinated by the idea.  Oh, and “perspective” and “fascinated” are both very good words too.  “Fascinated” almost makes me sound like Mr. Spock when I say it out loud.

And if I live long enough to complete that literary goal, then I shall surely start another pair.

You see, I don’t expect the world to end for everybody.  In fact, I suspect the cold wind blowing in from the future right now is really only for me.  I am in poor health and life’s stresses are taking a daily toll.  It is true that President Elect Trump thinks climate change being man-made is a Chinese hoax, and that belief is probably going to spell the doom of all life on the planet.  But that won’t actually happen for quite a while yet.  Neither I nor Trump himself will probably live long enough to see the world reap the whirlwind that he has sown.  And I don’t expect my writing and publishing nonsense to amount to anything before the world ends, but it is the world to me.  So I grin and continue.  Such is the way the world turns.


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4 responses to “My Plans for the Post-Apocalypse

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well……. 😦

    And as far as Trump goes, there’s nothing much that I can even say, as a gay woman…….

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