The Sun Still Rises

After eight years of George W. and eight more years of Obama, we have gone through highs and lows that either prove that government can do a few good things, or a lot of bad things.  And we all suffer a little, or gain a little, or both no matter who is President of the United States.  There are many on my side of the question that fear this new one is going to be an orange-colored Hitler.  But really, Adolf Hitler was the only Hitler, and he was actually born with the last name Schicklegruber.  This new job and responsibility may change him.  Look how gray it made Obama.  Look how less smiley it made Jimmy Carter.  Look how much like a rodeo clown it made George W. look… um, okay, that one didn’t really change.  And Ronny Reagan was mostly preservative the whole time anyway.  But, anyway, the new job will change the Donald in some significant way.  And Steven Colbert is right.  We have to come together.  We have to hug a Republican here and there.  We have a mutual interest in getting along.


Maybe we need to look a little harder.

I have friends who voted for Trump.  They are probably only still speaking to me because their candidate won.  But losing is not the end.  They are at least still speaking to me.  And whether making fun of me or not, laughter cures all ills.



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4 responses to “The Sun Still Rises

  1. Well said. His success now is ours. We need to support his efforts and when we disagree, as with all presidents, we need to civilly disagree preferably with some suggestions based on data. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, it is imperative that we come together and look for areas of common agreement such as infrastructure investment, which both candidates advocated.

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