Fire Aunts… Aaugh!

Yesterday I experienced first hand one of those Texas things that makes life spicier to a salsa-rrific degree.  I mowed the top off a fire-ant colony that I didn’t know was there.  In fact, I didn’t realize what I had done until my feet and legs began to burn with numerous pinpricks of volcanically heated acid.  I left my shoes in the yard.  I left my pants on the floor in the kitchen.  My hands got bitten as I slapped at ants on my feet and legs.  I went immediately to the bathtub and soaked my wounds in hot water.  Now I am covered in little white bumps that sting and itch and hurt, and my allergic reaction to the bites makes me feel like I have a bad cold.  So, there is the reason I have to do a lazy, short post again.  Not just because I am basically lazy, or because I am hiding out from neighbors who were terrified to see me suddenly take my clothes off in the yard…  But because fire ants gave me boo-boos.


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5 responses to “Fire Aunts… Aaugh!

  1. Ouch! Luckily we don’t have such hazards;-)

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