Stuff That Works

What makes people visit your blog and maybe even click “like”?  I should tell you up front, I have no idea how best to navigate the crazy internet.  I want to.  I have a book to promote.  I have ideas and experiences to share.  I am a writer and I would like to make something more than excessive heartache out of being one.  But how you actually go about it is still a mystery.

Ima mickey

I know what I surf the internet for.  I like artwork, especially original artwork.  That is why I try to post as much of my own stuff as I can.  I am an amateur artist, self-taught with a little bit of college art classes, contact with real artists, and a lot of TV Bob Ross.  I surf to find other artists whose stuff catches my eye.  I post about artists like Loish, Maxfield Parrish, Paul Detlafsen, and Norman Rockwell.  I go to sites like DeviantArt (Example at this link) and follow artists like James Brown and Shannon Maer on Facebook.  I help promote their work by sharing as often as I can.  Do I worry about copyright violation with my artwork?  No.  I am long past the point of making a profitable career as an artist.  I like having people see my work and if someone decides to claim they are the artist instead of me, I have the real originals and even some pictures of work in progress.  The Big Eyes thing will not happen to me.


So sharing pictures seems to matter.  I got lots of hits from the monster picture post because I used a lot of monster-movie images that people normally search for on the internet.  Pictures of pretty girls work too.  It doesn’t seem to matter if I drew them or if they are a picture of a relative, those pictures pull people in too.


Pictures of photogenic nieces aid my blogging popularity in a rather noticeable way.

Yes, I do believe I have just intimated that Minnie Mouse is my niece, a daughter of my sister-in-law.  Lying is part of blogging.  You have to put spin on things and make people understand the things they want to understand more than you need them to see what is really true in the empirical sense.

Jungle Girl

Being able to put the words “nude” or “naked” in titles or in the tags brings in more views too.  Those words get lots of hits on search engines and some of the people who visit my blog looking for that actually read what’s posted.  Just because an idea is a little bit naughty, it doesn’t mean only perverts and bad people respond to it.


This is a picture of Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. It is NOT a picture of me.

And it doesn’t hurt to be a little funny now and then.  Humor is something I look for in the posts of others.  I try to be funny in my posts too… though whether they are hah-hah funny or merely eeuw! funny is debatable.  Much of my humor is only intended to raise a smirk or half a smile.  I am most satisfied when I make you think, “heh, that’s right, isn’t it.”


This is Millis, not me. He was an actual rabbit that was turned humanoid by a scientist’s experiment with alien technology.

So why is this post called Stuff That Works if, as I am claiming, I really don’t know anything about how blogging works?  I may have been a little less than truthful when I made claims.  Or maybe I was claiming with a little bit of “tongue in cheek”?  I hope I have demonstrated that I do know how.  The thing I have yet to wrestle with is WHY.  So now I have to get busy and work on that.




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7 responses to “Stuff That Works

  1. Out of curiosity…your aim in blogging is entertainment? Connection with other humans? Having a space of the cyber world that is yours and yours alone? And do you see many “likes” and visits as success in blogging? I have often grappled with the idea of writing for my own damn self and writing for everyone else…how to keep my writing sincere, honest…and yes, I do like it when people “like” my posts…but I ask myself often if this is the point of my writing. I keep telling myself I’m writing for writing’s sake and to forget about the results, because people are fickle and what they might like today, they might completely misunderstand tomorrow. Ah, it gets more and more philosophical the more I poke and prod this writing horse.

    • I can’t explain it. I have been putting ideas into words like this for 47 years, and as a teacher, I put those ideas to work getting kids to think, and getting them to put their own words on paper. The end result of my efforts was not just the composition on paper… it was not just the ideas I set in motion in goofy little brains… it was a connection between the grinding of gears in my head and the vibrations that travel from my mental machinery into the gears and flywheels of others and beyond that, to everyone their vibrations would set into motion. I think it is my ultimate connection to life, the universe, and everything. Perhaps a comet will strike the planet Earth tomorrow and turn all life upon it into cinders and render my connection meaningless. But I will still stupidly think it was all worth it. I’m goofy like that. I can’t explain it. 😀 😀 😀 (three stooges for luck)

  2. The answer is I don’t know either. The posts I think will soar, often don’t and some surprise the heck out of me. This one grabbed with your art work and my boyhood crush on Morticia Addams in Carolyn Jones.

    • She was really something, wasn’t she? And she gets lots of hits from search engines, the picture, not the posts. Some pictures are effective at pulling in surfers.

      • She played in Elvis’ best movie “King Creole” and an under appreciated “Last Train from Gun Hill.” She played the sad and lonely love interest well.

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    Time has passed and I still don’t know what I am doing as a blogger, so I re-posted this list of stuff I like to do for no good reason. Make of it what you will,

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