Pick a Pack of Pictures

As an artist wannabee I have always done the magazine-clipping picture-file thing.  I still have scrapbooks and folders and even bags full of old pictures.  And, of course, the internet makes the whole thing so much easier that my picture files on my laptop are bulging at the seams.  I am going to show you just one of my fer-instances, the unsorted catch-all part of my Miscellaneous File.


These are not sorted, not source-referenced, not investigated for copyrights… just snipped and clipped from Google and Pinterest and Facebook and etc., etc., etc.




Here’s one of the wisest pieces of the wisdom puzzle I have ever run across;


Like any collage, this one has it’s deeper meanings if you think about how you can connect the many unconnectable things in it.

You may have noticed that I like gifs because they add movement to the pictures.  But like salt, if you put too much in the soup… it becomes seawater.


in the wild

This, of course, is not every picture in the file… not even every picture in this one small part of one file.  But you have enough of my stolen goodies here to get a very good psychological profile of the thief himself.  I don’t sell any of this stuff as being my own intellectual property.  It certainly is not.  It did not even belong to the thieves I stole them from.  But when I pick a pack of pictures, it does reveal a little of the peculiarity of the pilfering picker.

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