All Around the Mulberry Bush…


As you can see in today’s photo Paffooney, I bought another new action figure (The Vision from the Avengers).  He is cheaply made and over-priced at $8.  And what is worse, he immediately sided with a small group of paranoid PVC action figures who are suspicious of other dolls and action figures just because their elbows and knees don’t bend.  Here they are threatening poor Fawn the Fairy from the Tinkerbell collection because I let Fawn go anywhere in the house she wants to go (as long as she stays away from the dog and the dog’s teeth).  PVC (polyvinyl chloride) figures are fairly stiff and set in their ways.  They don’t changes their hard-plastic minds about anything… ever.  So, I can’t convince them to play nice.

Besides the arguments I am having at present with these plastic people and the voices in my head, I am having several other struggles to overcome.  The dog has to get her vaccinations in order to continue to legally live in our city.  So, since I have limited funds, I have to take away from the medicine expenditures for my own health care so the dog doesn’t have to be illegal.  Of course, I quit taking most of my meds a while back.  The expense will fit in my budget.  But I actually feel better without the depression medicine and the blood-pressure medicine anyway, and definitely the cholesterol medicine was making my muscles hurt in addition to the joint pain of arthritis.  So we will keep the dog healthy, since my own health is a lost cause anyway.  But I wonder if the way I am approaching my medication dilemma makes me the monkey or the weasel.  Am I the weasel being chased by a monkey who represents problems, or the monkey chasing the problems around the mulberry bush?  It is an important distinction, because the song does not say, “Pop! Goes the monkey!”

NaNoWriMo is another goal that seems to veer off course.  I have not yet written anything new on the novel this month.  I am still stuck in the editing phase.  Of course, I edited more than 10,000 words yesterday.  That counts for something, doesn’t it?  One of my children is home with an infected throat.  The weather is rainy off and on and makes me hurt.  I would have to say there are a plethora of excuses ready to be used for not writing.  But I will try not to use them.  After all, do you know what a “Plethora” of something is, Jefe?  (Bonus points if you know what movie that reference comes from.  Steve Martin and Chevy Chase are in it.)

I know this particular post is rambling and vague… purposeless and pointless to be alliteratively specific… but I am nearing the end of my goal to post an average of 500 words every single day of 2015.  Six and a half weeks to go and I haven’t missed a day yet.  I have written 721 posts on this blog, and been viewed over 14,000 times by over 6,500 folks.  I think it is safe to say the writing habit is pretty much fixed in place, but I still have mountains to climb (metaphorically speaking) and goals to reach.  I am getting tired of all the chasing around mulberry bushes.  If that dang weasel doesn’t pop soon, then it will be, “Pop! Goes the Mickey!”  But at least it makes something to write about.

I wonder if Clown Cops are any good at chasing weasels.  I plan to make a few more of them in upcoming posts.

I wonder if Clown Cops are any good at chasing weasels? I plan to make a few more of them in upcoming posts.


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3 responses to “All Around the Mulberry Bush…

  1. Yes, that counts! You’re working and writing and that counts. You’re a superhero and definitely wings upstage a cape

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