Old Poetry By a Silly Old Poet

Okay, people, I am not a poet and I’m sure you know it… But sometimes cartoonists rhyme for no good raisin… and make bad puns too.  Today I will share with you a bit of versicular (verse+ick+ular) goofiness that I tend to call poetry.  I am putting some in my vault, here; Poetry in the Vault (Mickey’s House of Fiction)


Sleeping Beauty (a Silly Poem of Love and Illusion)

In the dark and in the light

In candle flame and purple night

The beauty sleeps and fails to heed

The young man’s life of lust and need

What happens next is often sad

The want, the hope, the love so bad

And fluttering faery wings of light

Carry life and love and fuel the sight

With never a thought to what could be

If only love would call to thee

And wake the sleeper from her dream

To make the two but one to seem.

singers (800x600)

Hear the Music (a love poem)

The singer sings his song,

And wants the world to sing along,

Though the world has gone all wrong,

And the darkness stays too long.

The singer warms and croons,

Under bright romantic moons,

And carries hopeful tunes,

To the listening dolts and loons.

Can a song bring truth to light?

Can it help us win the fight?

Does it ease the world’s plight?

And set the wrongs aright?

Yes a song can save the world,

Though the truth must be unfurled,

And the listeners’ ears are twirled.

So the hurts will all be pearled.


Mickey at the Wishing Well of Souls

I found a country well, and I thought I had a quarter,

But I fished in pockets hard, and found nothing for the warter,

And since I had to warp a line to make the poem rhyme,

I figured I would just look in, because I had the time.

I looked into the warty water which sat there still and deep,

And could not see the bottom, and I began to weep.

The water was clear and dark and black,

And the only thing I saw… was Mickey looking back.

And nothing of the wishing well, its magic could I see,

For only there just staring back, the secret thing was me.

Blue in the back yard

Mental Pie

I’d like to offer you a piece of my mind,

Though not a lecture, rant, or complaint,

But rather a piece of mental pie.

Its taste will be very sweet, you will find,

As I’m constantly thinking in ink and paint,

That gives you wings and allows you to fly.

The Cookie

Once I had a cookie… But every time I took a bite, It became smaller and smaller…

With each bite I had less and less cookie left.

But when it was gone, the sweet taste of it…

Lingered on… as memory.


Icarus (A Song Lyric with No Tune)

“You never believe in me,

You only hear the lie,

You never believe in me,

You never even try,

You never see the good in me,

You only fear I’ll die,

You never hear the words I say,

You never tell me why,

You never care how I plan,

Or why I touch the sky,

You’ll never lift me up,

You never let me fly,”

That’s how it always was,

Between my father and I,

Until the day I reached the sun,

And burned my hands on high,

And so it is he’ll never know,

How much his son was worth,

Because he couldn’t understand,

The day

I fell

To Earth.

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