Possibly Progress

Well, I almost got a ticket in a school zone this morning.  The sun was in my eyes and I was driving a steady 31 miles an hour in a twenty mile per hour zone.  Fortunately the young officer apparently was fooled by my decrepit old man act (which I do incredibly well because I have had arthritis for forty years and I look like death warmed over in the morning… and I am not actually acting).  I was let off with a warning and threats of a beating next time.  Portents of bad times continue.  I have another oil change warning light on my dashboard even though I just had the old Ford Fiesta at the dealer last week, having the engine put back in because Walmart blew it up.  The conspiracy theorist in me was noticing particularly odd-shaped contrails in the skies over Garland and East Dallas.  I have been told by fellow conspiracy theorists that the guvvamint is spraying nano-particles in the upper atmosphere to fix global warming so they don’t have to admit it exists and was caused by aliens.  And I can believe these tinfoil hatters because they showed me proof that the CIA has altered their DNA with fluoridated water.  Nobody could have that pointy of a pin-head without guvvamint help. So life continues to treat me the way Bugs Bunny treats Elmer Fudd.  And I feel slapped silly.

But here’s the important thing;


Followed by;


And then;


So you can see that I haven’t given up yet.  My flower petals burst with color.  And the seeds that I have planted continue to grow and blossom anew.


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5 responses to “Possibly Progress

  1. I was relieved you, in your decrepit state, were not recalled for an oil change.

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