The Beg-Eye

20150918_111904“I want that chip… yes, that chip… that Pringle’s chip!”

“Are you talking to me again, dog?”

“Yes.  I need that chip.  If I eat that I will be a people again.”

“But I am eating this chip.  I like Pringle’s.  And I need energy if I am going to finish editing my novel Snow Babies.  Let me finish eating my chips.

“Look at my eyes.  Can’t you see I NEED that chip?  It is the most important thing in life that you give me that chip.”

“No, I will not look at your eyes.  I know about your Beg-Eye super power.  All dogs have it, and little dogs have it in spades.”

“Seriously, just look into my eyes!”

“Oh!  Uh, I shouldn’t have looked into your eyes just now.”

“Smack!  Crunch!  Chew-chew-gobble!  Um, yes, you should have.  Always look at my eyes when you have food in your hands!”

“Well, maybe I need to start writing now.  I am putting the food back in the pantry.”

“Awww!  Shucksies!”

tree time banner

“Look into my eyes!” says Jade the talking dog.  “You want to buy this book when it’s published, don’t you?  Yes, I think you do.”

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