Mickey’s Blue Summer

The SuckerOkay, this is not going like I had hoped.  Medical bills are overwhelming.  Impacted molars are going to cost my family over three thousand dollars when we still can’t afford bills of bigger than 50.  And I got word today that I did not win in the Chanticleer Book Reviews novel-writing contest.  I was beaten out for the prize by Elisabeth Hamill’s book Song Magick.

I am bummed out.  It is not that I expected to win that contest, but Magical Miss Morgan is a better book than Snow Babies, and that one at least made the list of finalists.  I seem to be getting further away from the goal.  If I placed, or got a prize in that contest, I would at least get the attention of literary agents and big publishers.  Perhaps it is God’s wish that I remain an unknown novelist who makes no money at writing.  It is consistent with His divine sense of humor.  The angels get a good laugh whenever I fall on my figurative face for wishing too hard for money and success.  God wants people to be happy being poor.  Right?  That’s what Republican politicians in Texas keep saying.

But if I keep playing the same sweet-sad songs and singing in the lonely darkness… at least I can make a melody or two that lifts the souls of my fellow dwellers in the dark.


But, wait a minute… something is not right here!  Why are the winners the same ones they told me about a couple of months ago?  Ms. Hamill’s book is also listed on this… 2014 list?  Did I jump the gun?  Look at this list for me; Dante Rossetti Awards

Am I wrong, or does that say these are the 2014 winners?  There’s the due date by which I sent in my novel for the NEXT COMPETITION in 2015!  That means I won’t actually hear about my novel until next summer!  Hang dang it!  Both bad news and good news in one fell swoop. So, I am not out of the running yet.  Perhaps there is time to do more and be more and write more after all!

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6 responses to “Mickey’s Blue Summer

  1. Gosh…..so sorry for the big disappointment…..I do, think, God has a “divine sense of humor”, though….this is coming from a woman sitting in a “tire center” after being to my mechanics yesterday and dishing out $600.00 for a “sensor”. The “blown tire” that I got this morning is costing $925.00 because I have an “all wheel drive”, etc., etc. My charge card now has so many “additional points” on it that I’m thinking maybe a trip to Europe could be in the future from “all the points” I’ve earned!!! On a serious note, I am so, so, sorry that this has happened……sending good thoughts for a better Thursday……

  2. Continued best wishes. If your Texas friend (who said God wants poor people to be happy) believed in the prosperity church doctrine, which follows the immortal words of Reverend Jim Bakker, his motto would be “The Lord wanted me to have nice things….you should be so lucky.”

  3. Good luck on the contest. For me my dream to be a famous write with a fat wallet is fizzling. I now dream when my body is lower 6 feet i will be recognized and my family will earn the proceeds. I hope my writing gets noticed before then but if not my current dream will surfice. I too need money for medication and teeth.

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