Googling for Paffoonies

Now that I have alienated so many of my conservative friends by doing the horrible political act of posting a post yesterday in which I took the terrifyingly earth-shaking step of coming out against racism, I must take it back down a notch and just be silly again.  I discovered yesterday that most of my family members whose opinions I take seriously, agree with me.  In fact, some of them are more radically liberal than I am.  (Of course that goes without saying… I did, after all, defend Richard Nixon as being a good president in 1973… just before he resigned in Watergate disgrace.  My political insights are always so keen.)  There are also people whose intelligence I respect who don’t quite want to condemn what happened in South Carolina as racial terrorism  They want to call it a failure of mental health care, the way Jeb Bush did on the campaign trail.  Or they want to think of it as an “accident” that is being seized on by lib-tards to take away people’s God-given second amendment rights the way Rick Perry did (the only candidate for President on record for declaring that he is running while under an indictment for abuse of power as a governor of Texas).  And I suppose it is their right to have their own opinions and feel the way they want to feel about it.  Maybe they really don’t know any racist people anywhere… because they don’t read minds… not because they’re afraid to admit that racism exists.  But I argued yesterday that everyone should love everyone else no matter what language they spoke or what color their skin was.  Apparently that idea is too liberal for some of the people I know.


But that was yesterday.  Today I am in recovery from political thinking and the philosophical brain-bruising I always seem to take whenever I make any of my disgustingly liberal lunatic statements.  Today I just want to celebrate the fact that I have published a lot of artwork on the internet where a lot of people seem to like it.

If you try “Googling Paffooney” you want to do the thing suggested in my Paffooney ad for all Paffoonies (pictured above) and specify that you are looking for “Beyer Paffooney”.  Google-tastic algorithms help Google figure out what the heck you actually mean by googling a silly, made-up word like “Paffooney” when you add my last name to it.  Somehow that clarifies that you don’t want the pictures from Facebook posts belonging to women named Valerie, teacher websites that may be only vaguely connected to the fact that I am a former school teacher, and foolish enough to be honest about it in my posts, and artwork by any and all painters and cartoonists on the web.  Adding my name somehow clears up for Google the fact that the artwork that I continually label and categorize as “Paffooney” is not that weird variety of other things.  I am, after all, the only idiot on the web using that silly magic made-up word… at least that I know of.  So I hope you give a look and try to like my Paffoonies, even though they are probably just as goofy and mixed-up as my politics.  Here is a link to make it entirely too easy for you to do this weird thing;

Google Paffooney Now

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