Feeling Blue

I am still quite ill, but I think I have turned a corner and am getting better.  The wise thing to do would be to go to the doctor so he can tell me again that this is something I just have to suffer through.   I am to the point money-wise, though, that I can’t really afford a couple of hours in waiting room followed by a few minutes of medical amazement that I keep suffering from things no expensive medicine can cure… or even alleviate.  The deductible drains my bank account.

So I continue to hurt and rest and try to heal… always knowing that with my six incurable diseases, the present virus could easily be the final one.  I was too sick yesterday to drive myself to the emergency room.  I feel better, but still far from well today.  I am going to get better through willpower… or the problem will be solved once and for all.  Still, as I near the edge of the dark forest, and begin to see light through the trees… I am hopeful that I will get to play in the sunshine again.

Blue Faun22


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3 responses to “Feeling Blue

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well…….:(

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