The Paffooney Process


What is a Paffooney?  A looney-tuney, full of goony-balloony-cartoony-buffooney?  Well, obviously Paffooney is a word made up by me in the Suessian style, to rhyme and dance and sing for a while…  Um, where was I going with this?  Yeah.  It is a word made up by me with three poetic beats in it, a suggestion of the buffoon, the cartoon, the looney tune, to be used to represent one of my wacky doodles set to words.  I blog with that word in my tags to bring together a certain style of post that defines me as a writer and artist.

Some of my posts and Paffoonies help me to define myself and my mission in life.  Here are a couple of examples of this kind of Paffooney post.

Some of my posts use Paffooney pictures to promote a book I am working on and give insight into the creation of one of my babies, my silly stories, my liar’s tales about everything that is true in life.

Some are simply silly humor posts, meant to make merry mirth and make you laugh a little laugh.

Goofy Me

An Overdose of Cheerios

Still others describe and critique the things I read and see and that have an effect on me.  Of course, critique is probably the wrong term.  I only describe things I can really gush about.  I don’t post about stuff I hate.  Who has time for that?

Thomas Kinkade

The Majestic


And then there’s the kind of post I am doing now, about doodling something and waiting to see where the doodles take me.

Pen and Ink Progress

Classroom Cartoons

Can You Draw Happy?

Today’s Paffooney is a drawing of a dippy chihuahua, a potentially evil cat, and a pear-shaped rat.  Where does this go from here?  I honestly don’t even know.  We must wait and see what the future brings.  (Clearly I am trying to hook the foolish readers (who come to this blog just to see how dippy I can be) so that they will be thoroughly tempted to come back for more another day.  And I have even pulled the trick of referencing other dippy posts that might make you click-sick enough to get totally lost in a Mickian maze of Paffooney Posts.  I am such an evil genius that I even exploit myself sometimes.)

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