Making Memes Again

class Miss M2

Okay, I know it is a fool’s pursuit.  You try to create epigrammatic quotes, sayings, and tidbits of wisdom to post on Facebook and then you hope people will click on “like” and “share”.   You hope it goes viral.  It is a striving after wind to paraphrase Ecclesiastes.  But I do it anyway.  After all, isn’t everything a writer does striving after wind?  The chances of reaching a larger audience and touching a great many hearts are microscopically insignificant.  I have reached a point in my writing career where I am actually, finally able to reach readers.  People really do read my blog, my Facebook pages, and occasionally, my novels.  I actually do score one or two hits on the heart of a reader once in a while.  Is it worth it?  Will I ever make any money at it?  Yes… followed by probably not.  I have managed to leave a footprint on the internet, something that was not possible during all those years of writing and drawing and then storing the work away in boxes and portfolios in the bedroom closets.  If you want to see the shape of that footprint, do a Google image search on the words “Beyer Paffooney“.  The spread of pictures and links is as impressive as that of real artists and writers (and by real I mean those who are well enough known to actually make some money at it.)  Today’s Paffooney is a teacher-meme that should be syrupy cute enough to attract a like or two.  I have no illusions about being a master of this new art-form, but I have investigated and studied it just enough to make feeble novice attempts.  And so what if no one ever notices?  I am posting my heart and wit and wisdom online in ways that will make some of it last beyond the scope of my physical life.  Therein lies at least a portion of my immortality.

Here’s a link for the “Google Beyer Paffooney” thing;…1935.7232.0.8091.…0…1ac.1.61.img..12.3.166.C5lIUlYGDz8#imgdii=_


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6 responses to “Making Memes Again

  1. Hm…alot to think about (as usual)….Do I want to make money? Yeah, that would be nice, someday. I think, though, for me I want to know that I’ll be remembered; that somehow I touched someone’s life, that I mattered to the people that are/were in my life. And that I somehow made THEIR life better. I guess that’s what the “shape of my footprint” would be. And yes, a “portion of your immortality” lies with your written word….how eloquently and beautifully stated……

  2. I clicked on the link. Man, have you been busy! As far as getting likes and shares, I know too well the feeling of wanting one’s work to be noticed in some way. I think that deep down inside we remain childlike, and as children we want to be noticed and loved…and I think there is nothing at all wrong with this! It feels good to be recognized, and this drive for recognition can spur us on to create wonderful things. Of course if we get so caught up in the drive for recognition that we no longer enjoy the process of creativity, then it’s probably time to take a step back and invite more play into what we’re doing for creative expression. I see a lot of playfulness in your art and I appreciate your sharing. So thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for checking out my gallery on Google. I hope it never reaches the point that writing and drawing become something other than playing. I have been playing all my life. That’s why I became a teacher, so I could justify continuing to play with other kids, no matter how old and crusty-looking I became.

    • Heheh, old and crusty? You’re not a week old pizza! But I see what you mean. Teaching is a great way to immerse yourself in the playfulness of children. Except when there is state testing involved, or teacher evaluations, or submitting grades, or attempting to respond to a disgruntled parent. Then it feels much more like a job.

      • Looking back on it, I rarely felt like it was a job. We did State testing and all the other soul-grinding stuff because otherwise they fire you and wipe out your joy in life, but I used a majority of my precious instructional time for kid-centered activities, and that means playing even if was about grammar and literature and stuff that might be on the @#$%! test.

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