Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat!

20141231_144345bflyySometimes I don’t believe in the magic I believe in… Er, well, it is something like that.  I mean, things happen in life that you never imagine could be possible.  Some things are unbelievably bad, and others are unbelievably good.  For instance, the Cardinals lost their last two football games.  They had an amazing year with eleven wins and a spot in the playoffs, but the @#&$$!!! St. Louis Rams broke their first AND their second string quarterbacks in that last win they won.  No more wins for this year barring a playoff miracle.  And I had been developing a heart problem since we went to San Diego in October to see my son graduate from Marine boot camp.  I have been waking up every night with heartbeat arrhythmia… at least, that’s what I thought it was, and what the doctor suspected it was… but it wasn’t.  I went in yesterday to get the bad news from the cardiologist, and he showed me test results that proved my heart is totally healthy and beating normally.  Apparently I was being fooled by muscle spasms in my chest caused by arthritis in my rib-cage.   Don’t that beat all?   Bullwinkle shows us there is nothing up his sleeve, reaches in into the magic hat expecting to pull out a lion, and we get a little white rabbit.


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2 responses to “Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat!

  1. The “bad news”, eh??? You’re too silly!! 🙂

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