Me, Myself, and It


I think it is provably true that any time an artist creates a work of art, it is actually a self-portrait.  Did you see the works of Thomas Kinkade and Paul Detlafsen in my recent posts?  Can I not effectively argue that those paintings give you a glimpse of the real person behind the paintbrush?  Was Norman Rockwell not the man portrayed in all those lovely down-home, truly American oils he did?  Was Theodor Giesel not also Dr. Seuss?  Then I look back at some of the goofy pictures that I have created through the years and think, “Oh no!  What have I done?”  I sometimes think I don’t have to post nude selfies of myself for people to see me naked.  Should I really have done that…?  …Of course, I should!  And that means I have seen William Shakespeare naked too!  Good Golly!  I have to quit thinking these goofy thoughts!


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6 responses to “Me, Myself, and It

  1. Rococopay

    Very true, we see the side of Picasso’s mind that dwells deep inside him.

    • I think Picasso’s mind accidentally got put in a trash compacter, and he had to glue the pieces back together afterwards. He put things together in a weird way that became Cubism.

  2. Oh for heaven’s sake, DON’T STOP thinking those goofy thoughts! The goofiness is what makes you an individual. And I thank you for sharing your goofiness. Goof away, my goofy friend.

  3. Some say the same about books being partially true to the author’s life story, windows into their own experiences.

    This drawing is (another) like I would conceive on any average philosophical day. 🙂 Nice work.

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