Space Pirates

I enjoy science fiction almost as much as I enjoy humor in both my reading activities and my writing.  My goal has been, since reading Douglas Adams’ wonderful trilogy, or quadrilogy, or possibly quintology of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to write such an opus.  That is the real reason my first published novel, Aeroquest, exists.  Sorry about that.  First novels are often a bizarre over-reaching, trying to do too much, shooting in too wide an arc, and getting totally lost in the tangle of plot, character, and purple paisley prose that characterizes a novelist’s obsession with his own inner eye.


Swashbuckling space-pirate teenagers are the students in my teachers-in-outer-space epic, Aeroquest. It gives you an idea about how silly the entire project really is.

My novel is a total mishmash of things from Star Wars, the Marx Brothers movies, Star Trek, Dune by Frank Herbert, old Flash Gordon serials, Indiana Jones, Tarzan, and several things like Nebulons (the little blue alien people) that I made up from my own Saturday-afternoon childhood daydreams.  Parts of it are actually funny, I think, like the part about flying out of jungle danger by levitating with an anti-gravity bustier one of the characters wears because of her overly-generous up-front endowment.  But parts of it are incomprehensible and sad.  And not sad in a good way.

But I am seriously planning to rewrite the awful thing and get it published with a better publisher.  I have worked a little bit on doing a graphic novel of the thing.  I have my doubts, though, that I have enough drawings left in my arthritic old fingers to accomplish that part of the daydream.  The world needs space pirates, especially now when an evil empire of the wealthy elite has taken over our world and threatens to crush us economically under its heel.  Pirates rise up to take what they like from forces that outnumber them.  They do the Robin Hood thing, taking from the rich and giving to the poor… er, or possibly keeping it for themselves.  I mean, if they are the poor, then that’s okay, right?  So, I have shared a Paffooney of some of the student pirates from my totally awful first novel, talked up the daydreams and fool’s hopes in my ill-fated novel Aeroquest, and acknowledged that you should never, ever pay the bloated price the cheap-o publisher with no editors on staff charges for the whole mess.  Wait til I get it rewritten.  It will probably be even more horrible.


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3 responses to “Space Pirates

  1. Uh… I have space pirates in my action/adventure/humor science fiction series of books… but it turns out that they are really just juvenile delinquents who were drugged and taken on the Pirates ride at Disneyland and forced to watch pirate movies until they were brainwashed into hijacking a space cruise liner by the evil minion of a huge alien/human corporation which is really just a front for an upcoming invasion of our reality from another dimension… okay, it is funnier in the books.

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