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Stop What You’re Doing and Fix It!


The gate leading to the pool was broken.


The pool itself was broken.  See all the cracks?


So the city inspector said, “Fix it or else!”

I had some old boards from the fence I took down.  And as an Iowa farm boy, I have skills.


So I fixed it.  For less than $20 .  New hinges and corner brackets, but I used old nails.

Now, to repair the danged pool my own little self.


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Mason City in Pictures

We went to Mason City, Iowa on July 6th to see the new statues in the downtown business area.  This is a post shortened by the need for travel, but because a picture is worth a thousand words, this must be a nine thousand-word essay.

20150706_142913 20150706_142924 20150706_142938

20150706_142949 20150706_143002 20150706_143109

20150706_143144 20150706_143346 20150706_143444

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