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Sad Times For a Cardinals’ Fan



Yes, we are out of the playoffs.  Even though we won the last game of the year against the evil Pirates, we fell one game short.  The evil San Francisco Giants beat the hapless Dodgers.  No, that’s not quite right.  The EVIL San Francisco Bullies With a Glandular Problem beat the worthless Dodgers whom you can never depend on when you need them to win!  And so, believe it or not, I must now root for the Cubs to win it all in the National League.  Yes, the Cubs, even though they took the Cardinals out of the playoffs last year during the Cards’ 100-win dominant season, are the least detestable team still in the playoff hunt for the World Series.  Donald Trump may be the next president of the U.S.  The Fukushima nuclear plant has irradiated the entire Pacific Ocean.  Global warming is out of control.  And the Cubs might win the World Series.  Humanity is doomed.


But it gets worse.  I am also a loyal Arizona Cardinals fan (a condition I have suffered since they were the St. Louis Cardinals, before evil billionaire Birdy Bidwill moved them to Arizona in a petulant fit about stadiums and sky-boxes).

Last year the Cardinals were poised to be Super Bowl contenders.  Even though they lost last year to the Panthers, they were favored to be one of the teams in the big game this year.  But then they lost a squeaker to New England in the first game of the season.  They lost last week to a suddenly potent Buffalo defense.  And yesterday, the EVIL Rams not only snatched victory away in the 4th quarter, they wounded Carson Palmer again, this time with a possible concussion.  At one win and three losses, this will have to be a come-back season… if it is not lost already.  Maybe the world needs to end to put me out of my misery.



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Mini Breaks


Sometimes life is kinda tough.  I am in pain as I write this.  Cold rain in Texas.  But I am at the end of 15 straight months of posting every single day.  So this is a place-holder post.  It is an easily done and finished post.  It is an I-am-almost-done-already post.  And it still counts because I say so.  I make the rules.  I am the writer of my own story.  So, this is me being the bright red little bird that doesn’t fly away when the winter comes.

girl n bird


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A Little Note of Blues From a Cardinals’ Fan

Yep, we did it again.  We had a great season, better than we’ve ever had (since we were the Chicago Cardinals before I was born).  But, just like last year, the Carolina Panthers put a wooden stake through the heart of our dreams.  We are still a team that has never won a Superbowl.  And I wish the best to you, Carolina, who has also never won a Superbowl (the “best” here means that the Denver Broncos’ defense turns the Panthers’ offense into hamburger, and keeps you on the list just as the Steelers did to us in ’08).


Wait til next year!  Oh, and there are still the St. Louis Blues in hockey who have yet to win the Stanley Cup!



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12540558_983971154992825_3189902302591877619_n (1)

Larry makes a 76-yard catch and run on a pass from Carson Palmer in overtime. and then follows with a short TouchDown catch on the next play!  I am walking on clouds tonight after cussing my tongue purple earlier in the game.



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Game Day


Yes, I am an Arizona Cardinals fan.  I have been rooting for the Cardinals since the days of Jim Hart, Mel Gray, Otis Anderson, Terry Metcalf, and Jackie Smith.  My team has ALWAYS been the underdog.  They won the NFL Championship as the Chicago Cardinals before I was born.  They never won it all in all the time they were in St. Louis.  In 2008 they played in the Superbowl and led late in the 4th quarter.  The Steelers beat them in last second heroic fashion.  I still hope for wins and glory.  Tonight they are actually favored to beat the Green Bay Packers.  That has always been the kiss of death for my team.  When they are favored, they lose.  But you never know.  This could be the year I’ve waited so long for.




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Cardinalis_cardinalis,_Northern_cardinal,_male,I_JAG308  I must post upon this holiday because I am trying to post every single day of 2015.  I am only 35 days away from completing that goal.  And, though I have been in poor health and struggling through each and every day of the year, I like to think I am like the cardinal, the little red bird that never flies away when the winter comes.  I am thankful that I have made it this far and that my family is alive and healthy.  I am thankful that I have completed a teaching career that I can feel proud of.  I am thankful that life is full and rich and full of the resonating music of the great symphony of existence.

And I am thankful that the cardinals are winning.

In Baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals won their division, won 100 games, and showed a solid character as the best team in baseball even though they didn’t win the World Series.

In Football, the Arizona Cardinals won 11 games last year.  This year they are already 8 wins and only 2 losses.   Things are good for cardinals fans.

And as an added bonus this year, the Iowa Hawkeyes are undefeated and ranked #4 in the nation.  Things are good for my Elmer Maiter, too.

So, I am thankful for the success God and the universe has afforded me.  Things besides sports are important too.  By the way, I am thankful that someone will even bother to read this post.  It is evidence that as a writer, I have reached the stage where I am no longer totally ignored by the world.  So I am also thankful for you.


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Dealing With Defeat

1524767_844076682310284_1270398505442522859_nYep, it had to happen.   The St. Louis Cardinals won a hundred games this season.  They overcame monstrous levels of injury and adversity.  They won without their best pitcher.  They won despite injuries to their All-star catcher and All-star left fielder.  And they were riding high going into the playoffs.

But the Cubs were riding higher.  The Cubs were the third best team in baseball this year, but they swept into the playoffs on a winning streak.  Hotter than hot, they beat the Pirates in the Wild-Card playoff.    The Pirates were the second best team in baseball this year.  And the Cardinals won the first playoff game 4 to 0.  Naturally the Cubs would take out the Cardinals in the next three straight games.  They’ve already beaten the best teams in baseball this year.

So, to get even, I will root for the Cubs to win the World Series.  That’ll fix them.  They NEVER win when I’m rooting for them.  They will go up against either the stinky Dodgers or the ursine Mets.  I will cheer for them, and their need to always let me down will be greater than their need to win the World Series.  The Cubs curse will go on.

Life has been like that for me.  I told you in my recent post about bad omens that doom was looming again.  So, I will struggle forward, continue to fail, and try to laugh it off.  I’m not taking it personal.  It is only my life.



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