Zig and Zag, the Fortune Twins

Things go up and down. A publisher wants to talk to me about A Field Guide to Fauns. I don’t think he’s read it, and will probably ask me to invest money in publishing it. But it is about living in a residential nudist park and most of the characters are naked for most of the story. Think he’ll continue talking about my book after I tell him that?

But my Chromebook inexplicably broke down this evening. The screen was on but completely black. Fortunately, I have a second laptop, and half of another one. (It works half the time, and when it works, it takes twice as much time to do anything.)

And the city sent me an ultimatum about mowing the lawn and getting rid of the weeds that were blossoming. Of course, everybody in the neighborhood had gotten behind in lawn mowing because of the rain that struck every other day the last two weeks, and threatened to rain every day in between. But the city knows that I am old, arthritic, and slowing down, the most likely one to not get it done and have to pay the $2000-dollar-a-day fine Fooled them. I had started yardwork two days before their threatening court order arrived and I finished a whole day ahead of their deadline.


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