The Worry Is…

The worry is…

…That I am not writing as much as I used to before I had Covid.

…That the Republicans will destroy the world economy just to make Biden look like a loser.

…That somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching me.

…That I won’t get to see any more Marvel movies because of the writers’ strike, Jonathan Majors’ legal troubles, and the short time I probably have left to live.

…That Mickey Mouse when he’s 100 years old won’t still be the Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie in 1928.

…That the Cardinals’ baseball team won’t have a winning season.

…That a tornado or a wildfire or a heatwave will kill me before diabetes or Parkinson’s or stroke can.

…That global warming and climate change will make us extinct in 20 years.

…That my books will never get a fair chance to be read by kids who need to read them.

…That Prexy 45 will get to be 47 and eventually the Undead Evil Emperor of the United States.

…That all these wonderful books are being banned in Republican States, but no Evil Republican Governor with spiders in his soul has been thoughtful enough to ban any of my books.

…That Florida is not underwater yet where it belongs.

… That Cardinals are singing this Spring, but nobody else is really listening to their songs.


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