Excuses and Justifications

I need to explain something here which you may already know if you read this blog for any length of time. No, I don’t mean repeated viewing of my old-coot humor can cause cancer. (That study has not yet concluded.) I mean that I repeat things… repeatedly and often.

To be honest. I am getting old. My fingers hurt from typing. My eyes hurt from viewing the screen on my laptop through squinty eyes. I am also forgetful. If I told you that before, I’m sorry. I forget things. And it makes me repeat stuff. I repeat a lot because I am forgetful. Did I tell you I forget things? Well, I do. And I repeat things. Repeatedly.

And I see things differently from other people as shown in the Paffooney above. A Paffooney, in case you didn’t know, is a picture I created myself that illustrates something that is in my blog post. And if you use Google to image-search the word Paffooney, you will get a lot of those. For some reason. And they are all mine… except for the ones that confused Google image-search for some reason. Did I tell you what a Paffooney is already? If a goony babboonie Googles Paffooney and balloons the many spoons in the cereal bowl of the screen of your computer, on image search, you will almost have a Paffooney if… wait, what was I talking about again? Oh, yes! I repeat myself a lot. Sorry!

So, I repeat myself a lot. And when the writing of blog posts gets hard, I go back to the thousands of old blog posts I already posted and post those suckers again. Sorry!


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