Lamentations of a Lazy Old Guy

I have to admit it because I am into all this “naked truth” thing… I am getting lazy in my old, old age.

Yes, I have valid excuses. My eyes are failing with glaucoma and the beginnings of cataracts (not the waterfall kind.) My fingers are slowed and interfered with by arthritis. And my computer with the good word-processor is all glitchy (Who knew that eating potato chips while typing is bad for your keyboard? Oh, that’s right. My know-it-all daughter, the Princess, lectured me about that before all the glitches.)

But I have one novel finished and not published for want of editing.

And I keep starting new projects instead of finishing the one I am currently working on.

Poppy’s story is almost finished in the complete draft, but stalled over a plot point.

Golden Wing is only one-third done. It’s stuck on the hospital scene, just because I have to go back and reread the whole thing to get back into working on it.

This one is started, but off to the slowest start of anything I have done so far.

I am cheating on this one, making it out of old blog posts and writing a new one about once a week.

And this is the one most likely to get finished before I die. I am posting it on Tuesdays. As you can see, I haven’t created an actual cover for it yet. Lazy me.


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