Life is Often Screwy

Life is screwy. God, if there is one, made it that way on purpose. You have to hand it to Him, his sense of humor is bizarre.

My 771-day streak of consecutive posts ended when, ironically, I set my posts to publish last Friday too early on Thursday evening to post on what counts as Friday according to WordPress. So, Thursday had four posts and Friday had none. That means for the second time I have put together a string of consecutive posts that lasted for more than two consecutive years. But both runs ended on a technicality that made me miss a random publishing day.

At our house the plumbing has turned into a collection of raging geysers, forcing us to have the water turned off 99.9% of the time. And I, being the only member of the family still in an upstairs bedroom, have had to cope with life that doesn’t include a working indoor toilet. I have to get by with a pee spot out in the yard by the composting bin, a plastic jug in the waterless upstairs bathroom for nighttime pee, and a daily trip to the nearest public bathroom in the Winco grocery store for the solid stuff. Daily showers evolved into weekly… then monthly… to now, probably, yearly showers.

I know you are probably thinking, “Why doesn’t the dummy just hire a plumber?”

I did.

The plumber charged me $250 dollars to re-determine with his plumbing snake (exactly like the one I bought at Home Depot and used myself unsuccessfully before I called a plumber) that the toilet couldn’t be unclogged without digging up the floor and replacing all the disintegrating 60-year-old pipes. He quoted me thousands of dollars worth of repairs I will never be able to afford until my next life, or the next life after that.

So, we have to live for a while without running water in the house. Funny one, God.

My last free-book promotion for the re-edited version of the Necromancer’s Apprentice ended its five-day run without giving away a single copy. Nobody wants to read my book, even for free.

I choose to laugh at the screwiness of my current situation. Life is a comic strip with a new joke panel every day. What better thing can I do than laugh at it all?


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