The Last Post in March… Or First in April?

I am posting this in the final hours of March, 2023. But WordPress counts it as being a post from April 1st. Still, 771 days in a row with at least one post.

She’s a sweet little beauty, but of course, she’s not real.

The stories we tell need to be loaded with the truths and purpose and meaning of life as we see them, because… What else are we for?

What it means to never be sad, or never be afraid, or never be angry, is the same darn thing as never being happy, or never being brave, or never knowing love. Life requires balance, and an acceptance of every slice of the pie.

If you were hoping that, before the end of this post, you were going to get wisdom, or truth, or even just a good laugh… I apologize. You are stuck with Mickey-pictures and Mickeyisms.


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