Never Give Up, Never Surrender

I have lately been feeling like the Grim Reaper is lurking somewhere near again. Can I whip him in a game of chess again? Debatable.

Derfentwinkle, the Necromancer’s Apprentice, turned out to be a good student.

As a teacher, I have always been one of those who sincerely believes,

You must never give up on any student. They all can learn. They are all worth teaching.

And reflecting on that philosophy, in spite of the fact that I have been having a hard time getting things done and writing very little, I should not give up on myself.

I am not yet done telling my story. There is more to do, and more life to live.



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6 responses to “Never Give Up, Never Surrender

  1. Mike Hadd

    Don’t give in easy to the Grim Reaper. Keep fighting him off.Mike

  2. The one student you can’t give up on is yourself. Keep learning, keep living, keep ignoring his calls. He’s like a telemarketer, take the phone off the hook and keep being.

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