Here’s some proof that I was once a teacher and had actual students. I clipped this one from my Facebook account where one of the twins posted it because she is not only one of my Facebook friends, but is also capable of remembering me as a teacher. I cannot tell you which one of the twins posted this. Yes, her name is on the account, but even when they both had my ESL class two years in a row, I couldn’t tell them apart back then either. Dejann (probably not his real name) is in the back. I can tell him apart from the other two. He was from India. He knew 12 languages, I believe, but he was a long way from proficient and literate in English. Still, a brilliant young man.

I am moving farther and farther away from my former teaching career. This coming year will make the ninth year of retirement.

The older I get, the more my vision and my health seem to deteriorate. It is not long before I am both bedridden and blind. It does not make me happy.

Teaching has been on my mind of late. Not because of anything new I am writing. Rather, because the governor of Texas and the governor of Florida continue to assault the teaching of literature in their states. Particularly black literature and gay literature. Not because the baboons can actually read, but because they hold sacred prejudices in their tiny black hearts and want to suppress what any liberal thinks is good. And I have been watching numerous videos of teachers leaving teaching. And I mean obviously good teachers who are vital to the proper functioning of public education. I am angry. And it is not helping any of my health challenges that the fire burning in my heart may be at least partially angina.

I am currently on consecutive-post day number 744. And I am worrying about how much longer I can endure.


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