The Paffooney above is called “Lillianna.”

The story behind this picture is probably more interesting than the picture itself.

You see, I was thinking about putting together a book about my blog-thoughts about being a nudist and the topic of naturism. It was going to be a book of humorous essays and artwork related to nudes and nudists, many of which you may have seen in this blog unless some of the first ones drove you away from the crazy nudist Mickey’s blog long ago… in which case you are not reading this anyway.

This pictured was created with the notion that I could use it as a cover illustration.

So far, I have only used the pen-and-ink version of the drawing to make this first attempt. I like it, within limits. But I may try again with the colored version.

The subject of the picture is called Lillianna. She was inspired by a Brazilian naturist girl from a video travel guide for naturists that I owned before my wife accidentally stepped on it. Lillianna is probably not really the girl’s name. They were speaking Portuguese in the video with an English-speaking narrator talking over them, so I never really caught the girl’s actual name. And I wouldn’t have used it anyway.

The picture doesn’t look anything like the girl in the video. She was blond and not a cartoon character. And my drawing ability is going downhill as my eyes get worse. And arthritis has ruined the accuracy of my lines. And I have poor quality colored pencils because my hands are not good enough to draw with the expensive ones, and the colors don’t blend well, so that kinda makes the black-and-white better.

And then I had difficulty making my various glitchy computers full of bugs communicate properly with the scanner and each other. It has taken me three weeks to get to the point I am at with this cover project. You are welcome to make your suggestions in the comments. And no, I will not set it all on fire.

So, there you have it… Lillianna.


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2 responses to “Lillianna

  1. Mike Hadd

    Your drawing is still much better than mine ever was!!Mike

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