700 days in a row of posting at least once on WordPress daily. It is my second-longest string of posting ever. I may surpass the two years I did a few years ago. But I also might not.

My health is deteriorating. I am having trouble even getting the basic things of life done. My novel writing has slowed to a crawl. My vision is blurring, I feel like every time I drive may be the last time due to a fatal car accident.

My world will evaporate quickly after my last breath. My wife will do nothing to keep my books in print. My kids may not find it essential either. They really haven’t read any of them. My artwork will probably hit the trash pile.

Of course, the world we all currently live in may not outlast me by very many years.

But my personal despair is not long-lasting. I will happily go about what business I can tomorrow, even if it is only looking at Twitter and watching some TV shows. And you shouldn’t worry overmuch either. What comes next is beyond my power to alter. Beyond yours as well. So, make the most of today. And tomorrow if it is given to us.



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2 responses to “700

  1. congrats on the 700 day stretch, and sorry for all of your challenges

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