Surviving Friday 13th, 2023 version

It is said that Friday the 13th, though really unlikely to be lucky for you if you are a Knight Templar, is a lucky day once you survive one with no bad luck at all.

So, did I experience any good luck on this infamously unlucky day?

Well, I sold a book. Not today the 13th, but I discovered I sold it on Amazon today.

The weather has been cripplingly cold on my arthritic joints, making it hard to write, draw, or walk for essential exercise to keep my diabetes and arthritis in check. But when I went out for a walk at the usual time, the weather was perfect for it… not too cold, not too warm for how I was dressed, and beautiful sunshine to light my way.

My hemorrhoid has stopped bleeding, so I managed to do some nude meditation today for the first time in months. With friends… but they are only imaginary.

I got a voicemail from a publisher wanting to talk to me about one of my books. I know they will only want to make money in some way that I will have to pay for. I have become cynical about the publishing industry. But it is interest from a publisher in some of my books.

The chalkboard girl is right, It is foolish to believe in good or bad luck. We make our own meaning in life. And that is a superpower.

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