True Things and Hard Choices

We face bleak things in the near future. Climate change is out of control. And we are arguing whether or not the crisis is even real.


The people and organizations that have to change the most to preserve life on Earth are still firmly committed to short-term profits and keeping everything the same.


If things don’t change drastically, we are doomed. There will be no future without massive adaptations of behavior.

A coloring-book picture I colored by the number from the app on my phone.


Life on Earth is a good and worthy thing. We have gone from primitive natural systems of survival of the fittest to reaching for the heights of equality, fraternity, and freedom that the greatest social-theory thinkers could imagine. And utopia is not achievable, but falling short in our efforts to attain it should not be viewed as an ultimate failure. We are born. We grow. We both suffer and thrive. And finally we die. There is no shame in the journey we all must take.


We enter this life with nothing but our naked bodies and a mind capable of learning and understanding.


Everything we have, everything we think, and everything that connects us to life in this world is the result of the choices we make or are made for us by someone who cares or should care about us.


Another coloring-book picture filled in by me while wasting what time I have left.


We absolutely should be choosing to protect life on Earth to give our children and all future generations a chance to have at least what we ourselves had. But the choice is not in my hands… not individually. And the most powerful hands always seem to belong to the hardest hearts.


So, if we have no choice except to accept that even entire planets eventually die, at least we can choose to hold our heads up and be glad for what we did get out of life. If it all must end, then let it end with beauty. Let the final notes of the song send a thrill up and down our spines.


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