What is Literature? And What is it For?

These are my clown portraits of Dickens, Shakespeare, Disney, and Poe.

Are the works of these clowns really literature? Comic novels? History, Tragedy, and Comedy in plays? Feature-length cartoons? And (shudder) poetry?

You’re weird if you say no. So, I won’t say that. (Even though I am definitely weird.)

My best attempt to draw Red Skelton…

Comedy is most often the one critics will turn up their noses at, claiming many… if not most comic works are not serious, and therefore not literature. But we have an inborn need to laugh, smile, and cavort to the music of humor.

I laugh uproariously at many of the antics in Charles Dickens’ semi-autobiographical novel, David Copperfield.

Can you tell me that the book is not Literature? You’re weird if you can.

That’s Mark Twain in the background of this picnic portrait. I didn’t see him there when I drew this from life. I, like the family dog, was more focused on what Mark was doing to that turkey leg. He just sort of appeared in the background of this picture as it developed.

And if you believe that… well, you’re weird.

And there is something wrong with this photograph too. Although I swear… every element of this picture is from a photograph.

If the theme of this is, “Bugs like Koolaid too,” is that Literature? It isn’t advertising. Koolaid Man never paid me a dime.

These Klowntown Kops are going to throw that pie at you, dear reader.

Because we all know you’re weird. And because that’s what Literature is for.


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