The Rebellion Begins Again

Yes, I have decided to join evil Grandpa Joe Biden in his plan to destroy America by providing the critical communist ideals of fully funding public schools, providing a real path to citizenship for legal immigrants that doesn’t take more than twenty years to achieve, not depending on the color of their skin, allowing everyone who has the right to vote to actually cast their ballot regardless of personal wealth, the color of their skin, religion, or party affiliation, and believing that tax money should be used to benefit all members of a society rather than just the wealthy elite and ruling class.

So, I voted against the plans of Republicans to restore our freedoms by reinstating massive tax cuts to the wealthiest citizens and the corporations that provide their wealth. I voted against making our world smarter by privatizing education so that wealthy people can put their progeny into the best schools and consign the rest of us to corporate-sponsored factory-skills-training programs or prison schools. I voted against balancing government budgets by cutting Medicare, Social Security, and safety-net programs like SNAP. In other words, I voted against the coming Empire that Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell envision. I’m not sure which one is the Sith Lord and which is the apprentice, but we will know when they win power through evil means.

Here’s to the fading hope that we will elect a few Jedi heroes to the Senate and House of Representatives before the darkness falls.


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