Good List, Bad List

I like to complain a lot in this blog, especially when I’m sick and feeling as rotten to the core as I do today. But I have to remember that for every bad thing I list on my pile of grouchy ole coot rants, there is usually one or more good things to offset it. So, I will endeavor to test that by making two lists.

Good List;

  1. I sold three books today on Amazon I also reached a page total of 672 read on Kindle Unlimited for the month of October which is only half over so far.
  2. The US Government has finally struck out to battle climate change, spending lots of money to promote actual clean, renewable energy sources, actually working towards taking carbon dioxide out of the air and reentering the international climate change initiative. We may now be able to actually save our planet from imminent heat death.
  3. The Texas government, if it falls into the capable hands of Beto O’Rourke, will fully fund public schools once again and provide free and fairly equal education to all regardless of income level, race, religion, or who your friends are.
  4. I have watched and loved every single Marvel Movie and TV series they have put out on Disney+ and the movie theaters. Most recently Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk, Attorney at Law. I have also watched and mostly loved all their Star Wars movies and series.

Bad List

  1. The number of books I sold today is the highest number I’ve ever sold in a single day when I was not buying the books myself. So, I am still the mostly ignored author of some books that I think are actually very good in quality and content. The same asterisk applies to the Kindle pages read. Most ever in a month, though it is not the full equivalent of probably about five books. It is a good thing I don’t rely on the money I make by writing to live.
  2. The Republican Party (or more accurately, the SIth Empire,) are poised to retake both legislative bodies in the US Government. That will lead to legislative efforts to undo any and all climate-change repair efforts because the Koch Brothers want to continue raking in high fossil fuel profits until after they are both dead when they don’t really care if the rest of all life on earth dies as well.
  3. Republicans cheat, so they will also win the governorship of Texas, meaning that Emperor Abbott will continue to deprive school districts of the money it takes to succeed in teaching everybody, will then declare that public schools are failing, and move all education into for-profit learning factories where white people with money will get only the best (except in science class, and maybe history) while everybody else will have to study from books they make themselves with Dollar Store crayons and newsprint paper.
  4. All the YouTube review videos seem to hate and cut down everything on Disney+. The critics seem for the most part to have an, “I hate women” and “I hate woke agendas” and “I prefer perfect white American heroes” mindset. Their opinions are nonsense doo-doo. And I don’t watch anything I know I am not going to enjoy. So, why do they? I only watch their videos when they trick me into thinking they are not going to be like that.

So, I guess things are equal. But why are the bad things all in larger paragraphs?

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