For much of my role-playing-game lifetime, I did not play the actual Dungeons and Dragons game.  I played with a lot of kids from my classes in the South Texas middle school where I spent the majority of my teacher-life.  And while most of my players were Catholics, it was the Southern Baptists, including the county sheriff, who were intent on policing what kind of thought went on in the minds of the people in their town.  D & D had demons and devils in it.

So, I had to make a significant shift in my story-telling games.  The Baptist preacher’s son and the sheriff’s son were two of my most avid players.  I also had the high school physics teacher’s son on my adventurers’ team.  So, we turned wizards and warlocks into astrophysicists and mad scientists, rogues into space scouts, and knights into space knights.  We started playing Traveller, a science fiction role-playing game.

That is where the stories that eventually became Aeroquest came from.  My players instantly took a liking to the game and star journeys into the unknown reaches of the Spinward Marches, a fictional region of the Orion Spur of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy (our actual address in space).  Real science, astronomy, physics, and biology went into adventures that were easily as swashbuckling and exciting as Star Wars, Star Trek, and every other sci-fi show we stole ideas from.

59-a3cutspecsDeck Plan Set 1 Cover

The stars were the limit with a simple gaming system that required only a set of six sided dice and lots and lots of graph paper… and plenty of imagination for fuel.



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