Still on Hiatus… NOT Writer’s Block!

I apologize for not having a chapter of something ready to publish for the weekly novel-writing post. I am caught between projects by extra demands on my time. My number-two son is officially graduating from his basic training in the Air Force over the next three days.

The novella above is nearly finished and will be published in a week or two. So, I do not plan on sharing any more of it here on the blog.

This novella has grown long and deep and is not halfway done. Having already appeared on this blog spot, it will be too confusing to go back to it for just a short period of time. So, this is not an option either.

This novel is the one I have chosen to appear in this spot, hopefully next week. The problem is, although I have half of it written already, it is the latter half of the book. All the new parts will occupy the first half of the book, and none of those are in manuscript form at this point.

There are other possibilities as well. The sequel to Cissy Moonskipper’s Travels, Nebulons, is a possible book for this spot, though I have no cover for it yet. Kingdoms Under the Earth is in the same condition. But, hopefully, something by next week. I hate missing deadlines… though all writers eventually do.


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2 responses to “Still on Hiatus… NOT Writer’s Block!

  1. take all the time you need for what’s important and we’ll be here

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