A Disappointing Season

I suppose it is my own fault. This is the second straight spring and summer where my views and traffic on this blog site have plummeted to depths not reached since 2015.

Before the pandemic, my daily views never dropped below 50. The number of likes averaged about 12 per post.

Now I have only topped 50 three times in the last 3 weeks.

My two posts yesterday averaged 7.5 views apiece. Each one garnered only 3 likes.

Ah, if I only had a brain…

My favorite hockey team won their first-round playoff series. But then they lost in the next series… though the team that beat them looks like they are going to sweep into the Stanley Cup and maybe win it. I am still celebrating the St. Louis Blues’ 2019 Stanley Cup victory. Perhaps it is enough to be happy with that.

Come to think of it, last year my views ballooned in late July and August through October after going through a very similar dearth of attention last spring and early summer.

Hmm… If I only had a brain!

So, maybe the Spring Doldrums are something that I have to get used to now. I have been posting two blogs a day, an old classic post with a new one. I know from past experience that that can both spark more interest and dampen interest. Maybe patience is the only thing I need to apply. What other tools are there for gaining readers’ interest? More nudes and maybe porn? No… I don’t think that’s reader interest worth pursuing. Nobody is reading and reviewing my book on Pubby either. And I am not changing anything about my fiction style in a weak and waffling attempt to improve my ratings.

So, I am well aware of my own weirdness enough to realize that not everybody wants what I have to tell. Don’t listen or read if that’s what your heart tells you. I can live with that. But, if I do die from it, it’s not me that has to live with the guilt. That’s entirely on you. (Unless you DID read this far. Then, hurray for you! Leave a like to prove how wonderful you are, and I will try to stop complaining so much.)


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5 responses to “A Disappointing Season

  1. I think that it’s not uncommon for sites to have less views and responses as this time of year, as I’ve heard a number of people noticed it

  2. And bless you for liking it. I don’t know why this comment posted before I could finish it. Computer glitches get my goat too. But my goat eats the computer keys, so it is good it was gotten.

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